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The bandwidth means the amount of traffic that your site uploads and downloads within one month. It used to be of higher importance with but today most of the hosting plans offer the bandwidths that are completely unreachable by most of the customers using them.

So, you don’t have to wonder what level of bandwidth you should purchase and can just go off with a plan that you like overall. For a new site, a shared option will usually suffice.

How calculate the bandwidth that my site needs?

But, so that you are in on the actual figures underlying the world of hosting, let’s figure out a way to determine what bandwidth your project needs.

Let’s imagine that you site has 5 pages, each for 50KB in size. And you get 20,000 visitors every month with each user visiting each of your pages. Thus, 5 pages x 50KB x 20,000 visitors = 5GB. And that’s around 700 users daily which is a huge number.

With the groundbase VPS plans promising 1TB in bandwidth, you can see that you’re fully covered bandwidth-wise.

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