VPS server and is benefits. Best VDS servers

When you have shared hosting and your project begins to grow, the conditions offered by a shared web hosting are insufficient to function in optimal conditions.

So that you understand it better, I explain that in a VDS server, unlike a shared server, you will not have to share resources.

Storage, RAM, processors, among other resources; will be for the exclusive use of the owner of the virtual machine.

Now that you know what a VDS server is, let's see some of the benefits it could bring to your business.
Dedicated resources: as I detailed above, the great advantage of a VDS server is having exclusive resources for its owner. Thanks to this, you can forget about the instabilities and crashes of your server.

Scalability: as your business needs increase, you can increase the capacities of your VDS server. Now, when a virtual machine already has a high level of growth, it is time to take the next step and hire a dedicated server.
Privacy and security: a virtual machine does not share an operating system or IP, so there is no possibility that other members of the server have access to your files.





VDS-USA-512 Performance

1 Core x2.60 GHz

VDS-USA-1G Performance
E5-26XX 1 Core x2.60 GHz


VDS-USA-2G Performance
E5-26XX 1 Core x2.60 GHz


VDS-USA-4G Performance
E5-26XX 2 Core x2.60 GHz


VDS-USA-6G Performance

E5-26XX, 3 Core x2.60 GHz


VDS-USA-8G Performance

E5-26XX, 4 Core x2.60 GHz

100 GB SSD

VDS-USA-16G Performance

E5-26XX, 6 Core x2.60 GHz

200 GB SSD

VDS-USA-32G Performance

E5-26XX, 8 Core x2.60 GHz

300 GB SSD

VDS-USA-64G Performance

E5-26XX, 16 Core x2.60 GHz

400 GB SSD

VDS-USA-96G Performance

E5-26XX, 24 Core x2.60 GHz

800 GB SSD

Custom server: in a virtual machine you can install any type of programming or Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, among others which often used for creating Free YouTube Downloader.
It is also important to emphasize that on a VDS server you have the freedom to install or remove the software and applications you want.

An option that allows high customization of your server. On the other hand, in shared hosting you have to work with the server's hiring parameters, so you do not have any freedom to create a hosting that suits your needs. As you can see, having a virtual machine has multiple benefits.

However, it not only has advantages in terms of operation, but there is also a commercial advantage. Because, despite the fact that a VDS server has similar characteristics to a dedicated server, its prices are quite different. In general, a VDS server is fairly priced on the market.

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