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Even though you might have found the perfect hosting plan, you should still look into the terms and conditions your web host extends with regard to free trials and refund policies. You just never know how things might turn out. You can fall out of love with your host, support might actually suck big time, or you might find another great offer on the market.

In order to test out the quality of services provided, you should favor the businesses that bring forward an extensive free trial period. And even if the provider offers only a 7-day free trial period, they may also enable a pro-rated refund policy, meaning that you’ll have to pay only for those days when you used the services.

Things to research

Make sure that you know what kind of money-back guarantees the company extends and what refund policy terms apply both during the free trial period and it runs out.

Most importantly, steer clear of those web hosts that impose huge cancellation fees. With so much competition on the market, this behavior has virtually no justification.

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