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Storage (aka disk space) is probably the easiest technical spec you’ll have to peruse in your search for a perfect hosting plan. In a nutshell, it’s the amount of space that you site’s pages take on the hard drive with the hard drive being located on the physical server, operated by your hosting provider.

Each page includes text, HTML code, images and scripts. Text is the most economical resource, whereas images and videos take up much more real estate.

Previously, this indicator used to be of high importance but it doesn’t play such a key role anymore with providers offering unlimited disk space packages for their customers.

What things to look into

First, if you’re just starting up your first site, you can go off with a basic shared plan.

Second, if your site already attracts a lot of traffic, consider switching to VPS preemptively. Most of VPS packs these days include a sequence of sub-levels with increasing levels of disk space and RAM.

Anyhow, your provider’s team should be always ready to notify you when you’re starting to run out of disk space and, consequently, when it’s time to consider an upgrade.

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